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Shadows (The Rephaim, #1) - Paula Weston

[This is a review  almost a review of the first two books in the trilogy]

Reading this was so much FUN.

There are several issues I have with the first two books, and I suppose I could pick them apart and evaluate their merits and demerits - but I'm not going to. You know why? Because they were SO. MUCH. FUN.

Reading Angelfall made me realise that I was guilty of dismissing an entire sub-genre on one fact: I really don't like angels in my books. And reading about Nephilim drives me nuts. Oh, wait, that's two facts. Shush, don't tell.

As a reader that makes it a point to try to read things outside my comfort zone, though, this bothers me. I value a book based on how it's written. Not what it's about. And so, Angel PNR is a thorn in my side - because I dismiss these books the minute I see the word 'angel' in the summary.

I've tried, okay? Not a lot, I'll admit, but I've tried. It's just discouraging when EVERY book I read about them continuously throws around words like 'beautiful' and 'graceful' and makes me want to scream. We get it. Angels are hot. Sigh, swoon, etc. Get on with it.

Except, they don't, do they? Things take a back seat to their superhuman beauty and there's only so much I can take of that. And when it comes to the Nephilim? DON'T get me started. Almost always, they're all, "Yeah, my Daddy is a fallen angel and he's the only reason I'm so strong and fast and pretty but I'm still going to hunt him and his minions down because I want the angels to give me a gold star and send me to heaven when I die. And even though I don't know the whole story because it's just been passed around by word-of-mouth pretty much since the dawn of time, I'm still totally going to believe it because that's how it's always been done and also because I can. Yaaaayy for strong and fast and pretty!"


Here's what Weston does differently. She takes the Nephilim (Rephaim, whatever) and she splits them into factions. One - predictably - that fights demons for redemption and blah, blah black sheep. But the other. The other faction - although a minority - basically walks around saying, "Give me proof." Which I LIKE.

Sure, they fight demons and stuff, but in the interests of self-preservation. And also because demons - in this bookverse - are responsible for some pretty depressing stuff. (I'm referring to book two, here)

I feel guilty giving this four stars, though. Because at the end of the day, they do have their faults and I'm usually ve-e-ry picky with my stars. Like I said before, I could break it down and be critical about it, but that would make me feel even more guilty. So this is how it's going to be.

Especially since I read these two, back-to-back, in the space of a single night. Start, blink, you're done. It gave me a terrible case of the Grinning Reader Syndrome, and SUCH and adrenaline rush that I feel like I owe it a good review. And did I mention the ass-kicking? There's LOTS of ass-kicking. Particularly in Book #2.

So. Much. Ass-kicking.

Also, erm. Ladies? You might like this one. :P